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Prize Wheel Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Prize Wheel promotion you agree to these rules and our wider General Terms and Conditions.

1. The “Prize Wheel” promotion (the “Promotion”) is hosted, operated and promoted at (the “Website“) by Media 21.BV. a limited company registered in the Curacao.
2. The Promotion will run daily between 00:00 UTC Friday 11th March 2022 and 11:59 UTC on Friday 18th March 2022.

Type of Promotion


3. The Promotion is only available to players registered with Club Riches, aged 18 or over. The promotion comes with specific qualifying terms which enables a guaranteed prize or bonus to qualified customers (“Qualified”).

The Promotions includes:


• Between 00:00 (UTC) and 23:59 (UTC) every day during the Promotion Period, registered players are eligible to receive one free spin to reveal their guaranteed prize.
• Prizes listed below will be available to be won each day and will consist of the following:

   o Prize draw ticket for a chance to win IPL Team Shirt. Odds 9.3:10
   o 10 Free Spins for Sweet Bonanza Odds 0.02:10
   o 10 Free Spins for Gemix Odds 0.02:10
   o 10 Free Spins for Hot Spin 0.02:10
   o ₹100 Live Casino Bonus 0.01:10
   o ₹200 Live Casino Bonus 0.01:10

• Free spins are awarded with a spin level value of 1
• All prizes will be credited to players accounts within 24hours of their spin being completed
• The IPL Team Shirt Draw will be completed using a random number generator to identify the daily prize winner and they will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm a selection of the Shirt. The prize will be provided within 31 days.
• The percentage odds are displayed here decimally. For example: 10 bonus spins can be won by 0.02:10 of all qualifying players, this translates as 0.2%. That is to say, 0.2% of all qualifying players on playing this version of the Prize Wheel game will win a 10 Free Spins prize.
• The above prizes will be distributed to customers randomly via a bonus generator supplied by
• Maximum of one play per calendar day is allowed on the Prize Wheel
• All on-line bonus spins will have a 48-hour expiry limit on any unused spins calculated from the date and time of issue.
• There will be a x30 wagering requirment applied to all free spins prizes paid out during this Promotion Period
• Live Casino bonus has a x30 wagering requirement and contribution to the wagering is limited to 10% on all tables.

How do you take part in the Promotion and what are the eligibility criteria?


4. In order to take part in this Promotion, during the Promotion Period you must:
• be aged 18+
• be an online customer who successfully registered at on or after 27/09/21.
• Click on an eligible link in email or promotional banner to spin the wheel
5. You are not permitted to participate in the Promotion if you are excluded by Club Riches from participating in promotions or any gaming on the Website. We will notify you if you have been excluded.

Promotional Play Restrictions


7. At Club Riches we offer bonuses and promotions to increase your enjoyment of our games and bingo. We expect that you will participate in all bonuses and promotions fairly, so that our other customers too may enjoy these benefits. We describe below certain types of play which we consider to be unfair and therefore to be in breach of these Promotion Terms
a) using multiple and duplicate accounts to obtain more than the number of Promotions permitted for each customer;
b) sharing personalised promotional offers or bonuses (i.e. promotions or bonuses which are available to specific customers only) received by you e.g. via email, inbox message, text message, links, URLs etc. with others who were not the intended receiver. This includes accessing promotions or bonuses forwarded to you by others when you were not the intended receiver;
c) hiding your country of residence to access a promotion or bonus that is not available in your country of residence;
d) colluding with other customers in order to take advantage of promotions or bonuses; or
e) using more than one account per household or per IP address;

General Promotion Terms


9. Whilst the rest of these Promotion Terms state that you can withdraw any funds in your Account at any time, we may be required to withhold such funds to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations.
10. Club Riches reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these Promotion Terms:
a) without notice if the change or cancellation is needed to satisfy or meet a legal or regulatory requirement; or
b) for any other valid reason by giving you notice in advance of the change (we shall only do this where the circumstances are sufficiently serious, for example, where there is a fault with the software or systems we use to provide the Website and/or the Promotion or in the event of manifest error in the Promotion and/or the Promotion Terms).
Where we are required to make changes in these circumstances, we may be able to offer an equivalent prize, bonus or free bet and we will contact you to provide you with details so that you can consider the options available to you.

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