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Terms and conditions

The following is a list of terms and conditions for participation in Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins – ‘Cash prizes all day long – Roulette, Game shows, Blackjack & more’ Network Promotion (the “Network Promotion”) by
Pragmatic Play’s operators (the “Operators”), whether offered directly or through a platform provider, which shall run from 26th July 2023 to 23rd August 2023 (the “Network Promotion Term”) as a global promotion for
Pragmatic Play’s network and the Roulette, Blackjack, Game Shows and more (the “Participating game types”).
By participating in the Network Promotion, you hereby agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Moreover, these terms and conditions shall be read in conjunction with, and the Network Promotion shall be subject to, the
terms and conditions set out in the Software Licence Agreement entered between Pragmatic Play and the Operator, and in conjunction with the in-game rules of the participating game(s). Any capitalized terms contained
herein which are not defined shall have the same meaning used in the iGaming/gambling industry.

Drops & Wins – ‘Cash prizes all day long – Roulette, Game shows, Blackjack & more’ General terms and conditions:

  • This Network Promotion is operated by Pragmatic Play. As such, the prize pool is shared across the network of Operators who opt in for this Network Promotion.
  • The Drops & Wins Network will run in the selected participating games throughout 26th July 2023 to 23rd August 2023 weekly and will include (in total for the whole promotional period):
  • A total of three hundred thirty-six (336) prize drops (each a “Daily Prize Drop”), which will run daily on selected Roulette tables and Game Shows.
  • A total of forty-eight (48) weekly blackjack tournaments (each a “Weekly Blackjack Tournament”), which will run weekly only on selected Blackjack tables.
  • A total of three hundred and thirty-six (336) daily Game Shows tournament (each a “Daily Game Shows Tournament”) which will run daily on selected Game Shows.
  • The Network Promotion Term is divided into twelve (12) stages, each stage comprising of four (4) weeks (every four (4) weeks shall be referred to as a “Stage”), whereby each week within a Stage shall be a qualifying
    week (hereinafter each a “Qualifying Week”).
  • To participate in any Daily Prize Drops, Weekly Blackjack Tournament and/or Daily Game Shows Tournament in the Network Promotion, players must join/opt-in to any of the participating games..
  • The total expected prize pool for the entire Network Promotion is six million Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 6,000,000).
  • The expected prize pool for each stage of the Network Promotion is five hundred thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 500,000).
  • The monthly expected prize pool for Daily Prize Drops is two hundred and fifty-two thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 252,000).
  • The monthly expected prize pool for Weekly Blackjack Tournament is one hundred and eight thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 108,000).
  • The monthly expected prize pool for Daily Game Shows Tournament is one hundred and forty thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 140,000).
  • For the avoidance of doubt, any undistributed portion of the prize pool at the end of any specific Prize Drop or Tournament shall be carried forward into subsequent Drops & Wins Stages or into the next network
  • The Network Promotion prizes may be won by players in the form of fixed cash amounts as set out in the respective prize tables further below.
  • All prizes won during the Network Promotion Term must be paid out as fixed cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements.