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Terms and conditions

1. By participating in the tournament you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined here and the ones provided by the operator.
2. Booongo holds the right to cancel the tournament for the indefinite term without any payments according to the leaderboard in cases of emergency.
3. Only qualified players can claim the prize (please, check Campaign Details Section).
4. Only real money rounds can participate in the tournament.
5. Other than the price to make a spin, there is no additional cost to enter the tournament.
6. Each player will get a personal tournament ID for the leaderboard.
7. If two or more players are tied, those who get results earlier are the ones who get better prizes.
8. Tournament rules can be changed anytime.
9. Malfunction voids all payouts.

Network Tournament Series Name:  Lucky Sunrise

Period (runs between):

18.08.2022 00:00 UTC to 24.08.2021 23:00 UTC
25.08.2022 00:00 UTC to 31.08.2022 23:00 UTC

Grand Total Prize Pool:

Grand Total Prize Pool is 50000 EUR for this Campaign (or player’s currency equivalent) combined from several pools by the following structure:
50000 EUR for (18.08.2022 00:00 UTC to 31.08.2022 23:00 UTC)
– 3000 EUR for each Regular Tournament, which is 42 000 EUR in Total for 14 tournaments
– 8000 EUR for the Series Leaderboard
Please, check the Prize Pool Distribution Section for more details.

HYPE Promotion Type : Network Tournament Series

Tournament Series Structure:

2 individual Series with 7 Regular Tournaments each:

Aztec Fire

Lotus Charm
Eggs of Gold
Sun of Egypt 3
Sun of Egypt 2
Hit the Gold
Tiger Jungle
Black Wolf
15 Dragon Pearls
Magic Apple
Aztec Sun
Dragon Pearls
Gold Express
Sun of Egypt
Queen of the Sun

Tournament Prize Pool:

3`000 EUR for each Tournament, which is 42 000 EUR in Grand Total for 14 tournaments (or player’s currency equivalent)
Please, check the Prize Pool Distribution Section for more details.

Qualification: To be qualified and have a right to claim the prize player should fulfill the following conditions:

1. Minimum Bet is 0.50 EUR,
2. Minimum number of spins is 100.
All points collected during the qualification stage are saved and considered for a player after passing the qualification. Non-qualified players are also shown on the Leaderboard, but stripped and in grey until they are qualified.

Tournament Scoring (Winning Mechanic):

Players will get points for each win spin
1 EUR – 1 Point
Example : player wagered 1 EUR totalbet and won 120 EUR, player will get 120 Points
Players will get 1 Point for each х1 multiplier in win spin
Example : player wagered 2 EUR totalbet and won 120 EUR, player will get 120(win)/2(bet)= x60 multiplier – 60 points

HYPE Promotion Type : Network Tournament Series

In-Game Tournament Leaderboard:

During the Tournament Leaderboard is updated in real-time with each player’s spin. Stats are updated on a 10 seconds sync between the game and promo server if no player’s activity.
Winning Points are shown and sorted on the Tournament Leaderboard – the best players’ results are always on TOP.
Forming Final Leaderboard stage reserves a 5-minutes delay to get rid of all possible data loss scenarios, players can see a Stripped Leaderboard when proceeding final calculations.

Series Extra Prize Pool:

8 000 EUR Grand Total (or player’s currency equivalent)

Series Extra Scoring (Winning Mechanic):

Players are getting Series Extra Points during the whole Campaign based on following logic:
For Passed Qualification in each Regular TNT 200 points
For Every 100 EUR Bets during all Regular TNT 1 points

For Place in Regular TNT

1st 1000 points
2nd 500 points
3rd 250 points
4th-5th 200 points
6th-10th 150 points

50 points


30 points

Points to Series Extra Leaderboard received by players are accumulated during the whole series of Tournaments. Player with the biggest accumulated score is taking the 1st place in Series Extra Leaderboard, while others are sorted accordingly.

HYPE Promotion Type : Network Tournament Series

Series Extra Leaderboard:

The Series (Extra) Leaderboard is running in parallel with the In-Game Regular Tournament Leaderboard.
Player can see 2 Leaderboards at the same time: The Series Extra Leaderboard and In-Game Tournament Leaderboard, showing player’s progress during the whole series of tournaments
The Series Leaderboard is visible on the right side of PromoUI and shows the historical progress of collected points of a current player and the Extra Leaderboard itself with Extra prizes for the Series.
Series (Extra) Leaderboard prizes are paid out simultaneously with a closing Regular Tournament of the Series on 24.08.2022 23:00 UTC and 31.08.2022 23:00 UTC

Prize Pool Distribution
1. With enabled auto-payout feature Prizes are paid out automatically to winners who received Win Pop-up after the Tournament is finished and final results are available on the Leaderboard.
2. In case of disabled auto-payout feature, players receive Win Pop-up stating that their prize will be manually credited to their accounts by the responsible Operator in 72 hours.
3. If the auto-payout feature is unavailable due to any technical issues, Operators reward players manually based on the Winners Report provided by Booongo.
4. Prize distribution table for Regular Tournaments in EUR (applicable to each tournament in the Series) is shown below:

Regular Tournament Prize Pool

From place To place Prize Sum
1 1 € 250 € 250
2 2 € 150 € 150
3 3 € 85 € 85
4 5 € 70 € 140
6 10 € 45 € 225
11 20 € 30 € 300
21 50 € 20 € 600
51 100 € 15 € 750
101 150 € 10 € 500
€ 3 000

HYPE Promotion Type : Network Tournament Series

Prize distribution table for Series Leaderboard in EUR is shown below:
From place To place Prize Sum
1 1 € 300 € 300
2 2 € 150 € 150
3 3 € 85 € 85
4 5 € 70 € 140
6 10 € 55 € 275
11 30 € 40 € 800
31 50 € 25 € 500
51 100 € 20 € 1,000
101 150 € 15 € 750
€ 4 000