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Prize Pool

Terms and conditions

  1. The tournament will run from 22.02.2024 00:00 UTC to 27.02.2024 23:00 UTC
  2. The total prize pool for this tournament is EUR 50,000 (or the equivalent in the player’s currency), is composed of various pools organized as outlined below:
    • EUR 50,000 allocated for the duration spanning from 22.02.2024 00:00 UTC to 27.02.2024 23:00 UTC.
    • EUR 30,000 distributed across three Regular Tournaments, with EUR 10,000 awarded in each tournament.
    • EUR 20,000 distributed through the Series Leaderboard in a single Series.
  3. Regular Tournament :
    1. A prize pool of EUR 10,000 (or the player’s currency equivalent) for each Tournament, summing up to EUR 30,000 in 3 tournaments.
    2. Qualification Criteria:
      • Minimum Bet: EUR 0.20 (or the player’s currency equivalent)
      • Minimum Number of Spins: 100
      • All points collected during the qualification stage are saved and counted for the player after passing the qualification. Non-qualified players are visible on the Leaderboard, marked in grey until they qualify.
    3. Scoring (Winning Mechanic): The Regular tournament points will be calculated and awarded in 2 ways.
      • WIN RACE: if the player placed a EUR 1 total bet and won EUR 120, the player will get 120 Points.
      • MULTIPLIER RACE: if the player placed a EUR 2 total bet and won EUR 120, the player will get 120(win)÷2(bet)= a 60x multiplier = 60 points.
  4. Series:
    1. Series Extra Prize Pool: EUR 20,000 is awarded via the Series Leaderboard in 1 individual Series.
    2. Series Extra Scoring(Winning Mechanic):
      • Points awarded for qualifying in each Regular TNT (200 points)
      • Points for every EUR 100 in bets during the entire Regular TNT (1 point)
      • Additional points based on placement in Regular TNT.
      • Position: 1st ———–> Points : 1000
        Position: 2nd ———–> Points : 500
        Position: 3rd ———–>Points : 250
        Position: 4th-5th ——-> Points : 200
        Position: 6th-10th ——> Points : 150
        Position: 11th-100th —->Points : 50
        Position: 101st-150th —> Points : 30
      • Points contributing to the Series Extra Leaderboard are amassed throughout the entire series of tournaments. The player with the highest cumulative score claims the top spot, while others are ranked accordingly.
    3. Series (Extra) Leaderboard:
      • Runs parallel with the In-Game Regular Tournament Leaderboard.
      • Prizes paid simultaneously with the closing of the Regular Tournament of the Series on 27.02.2024 23:00 UTC.
  5. Other than the price to make a spin, there is no additional cost to enter the tournament.
  6. By participating in this tournament, each player will get personal tournament ID for the leaderboard.
  7. The leaderboard is updated in real-time with each player’s spin.
  8. Leaderboard includes players who accumulated the most amount of points during tournament.
  9. Players can improve their result during the tournament period, all the cumulated points will be presented in the leaderboard.
  10. Only finished spins will get to the leaderboard.
  11. If two or more players are tied on a points total, the player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.
  12. Prizes are instantly and automatically credited to the winner. In the rare case of auto-payout deactivation, rest assured that your prize will be meticulously credited by our esteemed Operator within 72 hours. In the event of unforeseen technical impediments, we assure you that manual rewards will be bestowed based on our comprehensive Winners Report.
  13. In the tournament, rules may be altered at any time; all payouts become void in the event of a malfunction, and the provider reserves the right to cancel the tournament indefinitely without making any payments based on the leaderboard in case of an emergency.
  14. Every player participating in this tournament acknowledges having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  1. Join and play the eligible 3 Oaks Gaming slots and get a chance to win a share of €50,000 prize pool.
  2. Qualification Criteria:
    • Minimum Bet: EUR 0.20
    • Minimum Number of Spins: 100 with minimum bet on the eligible games.
  3. Collect points and enter the leaderboards.

The leaderboards and prize fund distribution for The Regular and Extra Series tournaments can be found in participating games.