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Participating Games

prize pool

Terms and conditions

  1. The tournament will run from 03.11.2023 – 28.11.2023
  2. Only real money spins can qualify for this tournament.
  3. The minimum bet for participation in the tournament is 0.10 Euros.
  4. Participating games that are eligible for this tournament are: JetX, Balloon, FootballX, CricketX, PlinkoX, SlicerX, Multihot5, GeniesBonanza, BurningICE BurningICE10, BurningICE40, Jungles, Vampires, Samurai, Viking, Joker’s4Bonuses, TowerX, MultiHotWays, Magic garden 40, Magic garden 10, Magic garden 5, ParaDice10, JetX3, Babylon, Elves, Aztec, crazyape, cowboy, moonstone, fruitcoctail, Dark, Apollo, SummerCocktail, Evolution, Argo, Dark100, Zombies, WW2, CrazyHuntX.
  5. You can spin the points wheel for 30 seconds after it appears. In the case of inactivity, after 30 seconds the wheel will automatically spin and the player will be rewarded on a random basis.
  6. Leaderboard points and progress will be displayed inside the participating games lobby.
  7. The player who earns the maximum number of points will win the tournament.
  8. At the end of the promo, during 3 working days winning players will receive prizes.
  9. If a loss of connection or technical issue arises, all affected spins are considered invalid and may not be included in the tournament results.
  10. Casino and Smartsoft receive the right to cancel any points earned or withhold prizes if they believe that all or part of the outcome comes as the result of fraud or collusion with other players.
  11. Smartsoft reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel this offer at any time.
  12. By taking part in this offer, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions and to the general terms and conditions of the Casino.
  13. All decisions made by the Casino management team are final.
  • The minimum bet is 0.10 €
  • The Leaderboard wheel contains 6 different points: 1,2,10,25,50,100
  • Complete one of 2 different types of missions to spin the wheel.

— Complete 10 different turnover missions daily and receive 1 spin on a leaderboard wheel.

Turnover mission requirements:
• The first phase requires the player to place bets totaling 0.10 Euro;
• The second phase requires the player to place bets totaling 5.1 Euro;
• The third phase requires the player to place bets totaling 15.1 Euro, and so on for subsequent tages.

No1 > 0.10 Euro
No2 > 5 Euro
No3 > 10 Euro
No4 > 25 Euro
No5 > 50 Euro
No6 > 100 Euro
No7 > 250 Euro
No8 > 500 Euro
No9 > 1,000 Euro
No10 > 1,500 Euro

Each time a player hits multiplier X400 (or Higher), he/she will get 1 spin on a points wheel. If a player hits 850X he/she will get 2 spins on a wheel. During the day player can receive spins from both missions – but the daily limit cap is a total of 10 spins from both or any of each mission. After the limit is reached the missions page will be frozen. Missions progress will be renewed each day at 00:00 (UTC:00), and players will have a chance to start a new collection of wheel spins and points. For Crash Games there is an extra rule: bet must be collected at least on multiplier X1.5 or higher or must be lost.
Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes before wheel progress appears on the front screen of the promo – meanwhile, inside the wheel, results are updated immediately.
After spinning the wheel, a player will receive the leaderboard immediately.
If 2 or more players have the same number of points in the leaderboard, then a better position will be given to a player who has earned the last points later than other competitor players.