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Participating Games


Terms and conditions

  1. The tournament will run from 00:01 UTC on February 6, 2024, to 23:59 UTC on February 15, 2024.
  2. The total tournament prize amount is €35,000 and will be distributed among the top 200 players with the highest scores on the leaderboards.
  3. Only spins made with real money qualify for participation in the tournament.
  4. The minimum bet required to participate in the tournament is €0.40 or the equivalent in the local currency and may be subject to currency conversion fluctuations.
  5. The prize pool and minimum bet for this campaign are set in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations.
  6. The tournament has a list of qualified games and a prize pool (EUR),
    which is distributed among the winners according to the tournament
  7. The tournament employs a qualified mechanic: Total Spin Accumulation.
  8. Each qualified spin contributes to the player’s total score displayed on the leaderboard. The total score is calculated based on the points earned during all rounds played in participating games. The more points earned, the higher the player’s position on the leaderboard.
  9. In the case where several participants gain the same number of points, a higher position on the leaderboard is given to the participant who scored first.
  10. Evoplay reserves the right to void scores or withhold a prize if all or part of the score results from an obvious error, mistake, or technical fault (including incorrect game payouts) caused by a machine or human error in any of the participating games.
  11. Evoplay also reserves the right to void scores or withhold a prize if, in their opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  12. By participating in this tournament, you confirm that you have read and accepted all terms and conditions.
  • Take part and immerse yourself in the authorized games included in the ‘Bet on Love’ tournament.
  • The minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in the Tournament is €0.40 or its equivalent in the local currency.
  • Accumulate points to secure a position on the leaderboards.

The tournament prize pool distribution and the leaderboard can be found within the participating games.

Total Spin accumulation
Tournament criteria: tournament points are awarded for each win (minimum bet is 0,40 EUR)
Example: In this tournament, winning or losing doesn’t matter. Points are awarded for each spin of the drum with the minimum allowed bet. Any single spin of the reel, except Respins, Bonus and Free Spins, is worth 1 point. (If a player makes 20 spins, player will receive 20 points).