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Terms and conditions

  1. The BGaming Drops Frenzy promotion is available in eligible games and runs from May 1, 2024, 00:00 UTC, to May 31, 2024, 23:59:59 UTC, or until all prizes have been awarded.
  2. Join and play any eligible BGaming games in the “Drops Frenzy” promotion for a chance to win a share of the €25,000 total prize pool.
  3. There’s no minimum bet required to participate in the promotion.
  4. Other than the price to make a spin, there is no additional cost to participate in the promotion.
  5. Only bets made in play for real mode qualify for the promotion.
  6. Any bet placed on any eligible game may result in a maximum of one random prize from the prize pool during the promotion period.
  7. The higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning the prize.
  8. The number of prizes a player can win is determined solely by the quantity of prizes available; there is no limit imposed.
  9. The quantity and amount of promotion prizes can be found within the participating games and will be displayed in the player’s currency equivalent.
  10. Players can easily access the Drops menu by clicking the B-Coin icon. This menu provides comprehensive details such as Campaign Status, Rules, Personal Stats, Remaining Drops, and a History of Dropped Prizes.
  11. Prizes are instantly and automatically credited to the winner. In the rare case of auto-payout deactivation, rest assured that your prize will be meticulously credited by our esteemed Operator within 72 hours. In the event of unforeseen technical impediments, we assure you that manual rewards will be bestowed based on our comprehensive Winners Report.
  12. Drop wins do not affect game RTP.
  13. We reserve the right to amend, suspend, or cancel the promotion, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players who have opted in unless the amendment is required to manage/prevent fraud and other unlawful behavior.
  14. By participating in this promotion, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted all terms and conditions.
  • Join the ‘Drops Frenzy’ promotion by simply enjoying your favorite BGaming games.
  • Play any of your favorite eligible games for a chance to trigger random prize drops from the prize pool. Every bet placed on these games could potentially unlock a random prize from the prize pool during the promotion.
  • There is no minimum bet required to participate in the promotion; any stake


  • 1 – 1000 EUR
  • 3 – 500 EUR
  • 65 – 100 EUR
  • 120 – 50 EUR
  • 500 – 10 EUR
  • 1000 – 5 EUR

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