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Prize Pool

Terms and conditions

  1. The tournament will run from 01.06.2024 15:00 UTC to 30.06.2024 21:00 UTC.
  2. The total prize pool for this tournament is EUR 375,000 (or the equivalent in the player’s currency), and it consists of 3 series:
    • Serie 1
      Start 01.06.2024 – 15:00 UTC
      End 10.06.2024 – 21:00 UTC
    • Serie 2
      Start 11.06.2024 – 15:00 UTC
      End 20.06.2024 – 21:00 UTC
    • Serie 3
      Start 21.06.2024 – 15:00 UTC
      End 30.06.24 – 21:00 UTC
  3. The prize pool distribution for each series includes a prize pool of €125,000 and 750 winning positions.
  4. To participate in the tournament, play any of your favorite eligible Fugaso games with a minimum bet of €0.20 or the currency equivalent.
  5. If the minimum bet amount is unavailable, round up to the next higher available bet size in the game.
  6. Only completed spins made with real money qualify for participation in the tournament.
  7. Besides the cost of making a spin, there are no additional fees to enter the tournament.
  8. Tournament points are calculated every round with each €1 (or currency equivalent) bet equaling 2 points, for example, a €1 bet represents 2 tournament points.
  9. Tournament points are calculated every round with each €1 (or currency equivalent) won equaling 2 points, for example, a €10 win represents 20 tournament points.
  10. Tournament points received are summed up throughout the tournament period.
  11. The more tournament points you collect, the higher your position on the tournament leaderboard.
  12. The first 750 players on the tournament leaderboard at a certain given period of time, will share a prize of €125,000!
  13. The tournament leaderboard will automatically update every few minutes.
  14. Each player will be assigned a unique tournament ID, displayed on the tournament leaderboard for tracking purposes.
  15. The tournament leaderboard will include top players who accumulated the highest amount of tournament points during this tournament.
  16. If two or more players have the same amount of tournament points at the end of this tournament, the player who reached the tournament points first will be ranked higher.
  17. Players with higher stakes have more chance of winning the tournament that players with lower stakes.
  18. Changing the currency during the tournament period might reset the player’s progress on the tournament leaderboard.
  19. Prizes will be credited to your casino account no later than 24 hours from acceptance of the tournament results.
  20. Cash prize pool is €125,000, in such case where one of the tournament winners is using a different currency on their stakes, the cash prize will convert to the currency in which you are playing and will be added to your casino account.
  21. The tournament rules can be changed at any time according to Fugaso’s sole discretion.
  22. Malfunction voids all play and pays.
  23. Fugaso reserves the right to void scores and, or prizes that might be subject to fraud and manipulation activities of the tournament or game process.
  24. By qualifying for this tournament, you automatically accept these terms and conditions and all terms and conditions set by Club Riches hosting this tournament.

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